Marquette rescinds acceptance of incoming freshman

And her athletic scholarship, too. Just a reminder that the internet is forever.

Surprisingly, the internet activity that immediately led to her rescission was not forever ago. It was only a few days ago. However, she apparently has a history of inflammatory posts going back several years. And she seems to be wholly unapologetic about it all.

This s the 3rd or 4th incident in the past several months for MU.

The problem wasn’t that she posted this, it is that she thinks it. Even now she equates murdering a person who is in custody to a peaceful protest. So her “apology” is about as racist as her comment.

Se also shows disturbingly fascist tendencies when she thinks that protesting is not patriotic, and that protesting somehow disrespects service people who die while serving.

She’s an idiot. Good for Marquette. Glad they were able to figure it out before the school year started.

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Students need to realize that what they do on social media matters. Sad that his son felt so entitled that he thought he could get away with it. Im glad the university is cracking down on people like that.

Well, she invited them to “come at me.” I guess they did!

Since she claims to be so passionate about the armed forces, maybe enlisting should be her next move. She can see how the POC she serves with feel about her brand of “patriotism.”

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This happens all the time. Cornell rescinded the acceptance of a freshman football player, and Colgate and Richmond both rescinded the acceptances of kids who posted things they shouldn’t have.