Marquette vs Denison

<p>Just got into Denison with 30 000 in scholarship and to marquette with 9 000.
Major: Economics</p>

<p>what are some pros and cons for both of the schools and which one would you recommend yo turn down.</p>

<p>Very different schools in many aspects: urban (M) vs. small town/rural (D), small LAC (D=2,000 kids) vs. larger comprehensive university (M=8,000 kids). Big time sports at Marquette (D1 basketball) and graduate schools of law and business. Lots of kids from the Midwest and from catholic schools at Marquette -- Denison has more of an east coast LAC feel.<br>
Where do you see yourself?
Interestingly enough, my daughter was interested in Denison until she decided she didn't want a small LAC and is now choosing Marquette.
I just read your post again. Are you saying you got 30,000 a YEAR to Denison vs. 9,000 a year to Marquette or 30,000 over four years vs. 36,000 over 4 years?? Makes a BIG difference. If its 30,000 a year, my God, go to Denison!</p>

<p>Denison would be my suggestion.</p>

<p>Both schools are on the same tier academically. I'd say go to Denison. 30k is amazing. </p>

<p>Also, if you're considering Marquette, be sure to visit first. It's very urban (like, plopped down in the middle of the city), and not really in the best area. The campus isn't right for everyone. </p>

<p>Denison would probably be the more traditional campus. But it's actually not as rural as it seems. It's just a short drive outside of Columbus, and there's plenty going on in neighboring towns.</p>

<p>world changer, while you are certainly correct in stating that the neighborhood to the west and northwest of Marquette is not the best, (and there have been some crime issues on the edge of campus this year),
I would actually say to visit so that you can be pleasantly surprised. I was very down on Marquette until we visited. The campus has some pretty green space and the area south of Wisconsin Ave. feels very self-contained.
Just north of the dorms are some restaurants and shops.
The proximity on the east side to downtown, the Third Ward, and the lakefront is a real plus.</p>

<p>But more to the point -- Denison and Marquette are certainly very different kinds of schools.</p>