Marquette vs Loyola Maryland

My son has been accepted into both Marquette & Loyola as an undergrad, Communications/Journalism major.

Academically, they both “appear” fairly similar. I do know Marquette is a larger school, and he was admitted directly into the Diederich College of Communications there (which is a plus). Both schools are close-by rather large metropolitan areas with their share of crime issues; although what large city does NOT have crime issues – both Milwaukee & Baltimore are frequently listed among highest murder rate per capita.

My son is partial to an urban type city setting, where he can hop on the train/subway, and not be isolated on a self-contained campus.

We do plan on visiting both campuses over winter/spring break, but I was just wondering if anyone has any thoughts, or experiences on either of these schools, and/or input on how they might compare? Anything from student life to campus to surrounding area to academics would be great.