Marshall College

<p>anyone in at marshall? i really wanna know more about the school, so if anyone knows anything please post! =)</p>

<p>i just got into marshall for economics</p>

<p>I agree, I want to know more about this college! I've seen a lot of helpful info posted about Muir, Revelle, and Warren, but not much on Marshall..</p>

<p>How is it compared to the other colleges in terms of difficulty? I got in as a molecular biology major, and I'm planning on doing premed, so are there similar people in this college, or is it mostly poli-sci, because I heard that too..? I've also heard from some that Marshall is very liberal-arts oriented.. anyone willing to clarify on all this? :)</p>

<p>i got in marshall, but im a little disappointed with its GE requirements (since im more interested in science/math).
marshall's GE requirements focus a lot on culture/humanities/law (straight from UCSD site):</p>

<p>» A three-course sequence entitled Dimensions of Culture (includes university-level writing)
» One course each in Biology, Chemistry and Physics
» Two courses in Humanities and Culture
» One course in Fine Arts
» Four courses in Disciplinary Breadth
» Optional Public Service course
» Minors are not required, but encouraged.</p>

very good location...similar to muir...
ver very good dining hall esp bc its open later at night...
nice ges
and ... i dont know what else to say... you wont be disappointed =)</p>

<p>yea does anyone have more info on marshall out there
please! :)</p>