Marshall or Roosevelt?

<p>So I was wondering which college is better when majoring in psychology and with it's location and requirements.</p>

<p>college does not affect your major. therefore no college is better or worse for a specific major. (warren does have easier GEs for engineers hence the huge amount of them at warren) </p>

<p>the point is, you'll take the same classes at any college. your classes are going to be all over campus. the only difference is GEs and yeah from what i've heard roosevelt has pretty hard GEs but a bunch of people told me they managed to get out of a bunch of them with their APs. they do have a 5 quarter writing program though. O.O i think it's the longest one out of all the colleges. roosevelt has an awesome campus though because it's the newest (built). it's pretty far from everything else though.</p>

<p>did you already apply and got accepted or are you planning to apply this fall?</p>

<p>Yeah I got accepted to Marshall and so did my friend except she got accepted to Roosevelt. But she was saying how Roosevelt was much better than Marshall for different reasons. So I was just wondering. Thank you though</p>