Martinez Commons chances?

<p>Just turned in the housing application for 2014/15 with an apartment in Martinez Commons listed as my first choice. I'm going to be a second year sophomore.</p>

<p>Will the fact that I requested specific roommates impact my chances? Does anyone know how many people put Martinez as the top choice vs. how many people make it in? None of us are Regents Scholars.</p>

<p>It’s a lottery system. Martinez is pretty popular… I’d imagine requesting friends might help your chances (assuming one of you getting Martinez means the others do as well), but I dunno for sure.</p>

<p>I had Martinez as my first choice (senior/transfer) this year and last… last year I ended up in none of my choices, this year I got Wada (second choice, still nice). I had a friend transfer with me who got Martinez his first year. Really, you just can’t predict it.</p>