Maryland chances at higher schools

<p>ok, i have a 1400 SAT (720 math, 680 verbal), 3.53 GPA total past 3 years (minimal honors or AP, but in AP chem and AP calc and Honors Physics this year, have a 3.64 GPA first quarter senior year (including a C in religion classes...:) would be a 3.9 something without the religion bringing me down. applying to College Park, NYU, Hopkins, Case western, UMBC, and Penn state. need some ideas for wt schools i should apply to and chances at these schools. go to a private high school...(only in top like 46% tho.. :\ again..) any ideas where to apply to?? for premed/engineering by the way, closer to premed. thanks.</p>

<p>tufts sounds like a good match. Excellent premed.</p>

<p>i never heard of tufts...where's tht?</p>

<p>MA. check out <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>