Maryland Final Transcripts

Does the University of Maryland college park require you to send final transcripts?

i can’t think of a college that won’t

well maryland i heard doesnt soooooooooo

The Ubiversity of Maryland College Park requires final transcripts.

It appears you heard wrong.

Incoming freshmen must submit final high school transcripts as soon as they are available so we may confirm your high school graduation and facilitate course credit evaluation.
click the link conveniently labeled “final trancripts”


they hardly ever take back admissions if thats what you are fearing. the only risk you face is losing scholarships if you have any

Yes, final transcripts are required but a lot of students assume they aren’t because they didn’t take any specific action to send them. However, when you sign the release for your high school transcript to be sent to colleges(when you are applying), sending the final transcript is often included in that consent. Many high schools send the final transcript automatically without any further effort on the part of the student.