Maryland School Will Use Cruise Ship As Dorm

<p>"Living in luxury while in college. That will be the answer to a moldy, smelly problem at St. Mary’s College of Maryland.</p>

<p>Vic Carter reports at the waterfront campus in St. Mary’s City, a rented cruise ship will be turned into a dorm.</p>

<p>You can’t see the mold but students say you can certainly smell it. It’s in the ceiling.</p>

<p>It’s so bad that students were moved out of the dorms to hotels more than 20 miles from campus.</p>

<p>'If I was one of those students, I’d be ****ed. It’s far. It’s like a 40-minute commute,' said Randall Hause, St. Mary’s sophomore ...</p>

<p>... This weekend, 250 students will make the move."</p>

<p>Hope there's no cruise-ship virus on the loose.</p>

<p>Maryland</a> School Will Use Cruise Ship As Dorm CBS Baltimore</p>

<p>Those cruise ship rooms are SMALL.</p>