Masked Classes or Online-Stay Home?

Drexel Parents - so many questions. My son is a Sophomore at Westphal. This is mainly a hands-on, production, artsy, team-activities type college. If it’s all online for the forseeable future, what good is that? Shouldn’t tuition be reduced? Based on that Harvard study today (4/15), no college will be holding classes anytime soon. Maybe not even until 2021. So, for students (like my son) who think it might actually be best to skip a year and not ‘waste’ the Drexel experience from their hometowns, shouldn’t Financial Aid grant extensions to scholarships and grants (so they basically pick up where they dropped off a year later)?? And what about the 6-month CO-OP? My son is scheduled to start the co-op this fall. But the way we see it, if Hollywood is shut down, then no production, no jobs. Should he take a lukewarm co-op on-schedule pushing paper and making coffee because there’s nothing else to do? Just to graduate on time?? Would love to hear other parents’ thoughts on these things. Look, Drexel is being strategic. They are not about to say, “Oh, actually yeah, uhm, we probably won’t be able to hold live classes and production shoots anytime soon…” No, they will stall as long as possible to make online decrees, and probably only to make us all enroll with hopes up that it will be live, or hybrid, but in fact its just to secure their enrollment. What to do. Opinions?