Masks during ACT

ACT says masks will be encouraged for students taking the July 18 test. Proctors are required to wear them, so why not students taking the test? Students will sit 6ft apart but I have no idea how many will be in a room. Is anyone else concerned?

Students are likely not required to wear them for multiple reasons: parents complaining, possible cheating, possible disabilities, etc.
That being said, masks should be worn anywhere, including ACT testing.
As for students in a room, consider the normal ACT setting of a classroom, you probably can’t fit more than 10 students in a normal classroom with social distancing.

I wouldn’t dream of sitting in a test room with a bunch of strangers for hours with no mask. Why take that risk?

ACT probably can’t require them depending on state regulations. They can certainly tell their proctor that he/she needs to wear one, but again, what person wants to take the risk of not wearing a mask, given that it’s airborne.

Wow yeah. Your mask protects me…my mask protects you. If you can’t wear a mask then you need your own room.

DD is required to wear a mask at her SAT sitting tomorrow. I am going to have her bring several so she can quickly switch out on breaks, as the masks do get damp.

I had been saving an N95 for this occasion (the most people she has been with at once for an extended period in the same room), but she doesn’t like it.

The masks with vents are not allowed in many locations now (Costco and on SW airlines, to name two) so don’t push the N95 mask if she doesn’t like it anyway.

THEy’re required in our state, regardless of what ACT says.