I don’t go out too much but wear a mask any time I’m somewhere out but indoors or outdoors but closer than 6 feet from someone other than dh. The way I’m living is in compliance with the rules of my county.

My challenge is finding the “best” mask for me. I currently own 4…2 two layer all cotton ones, one muslin homemade one and a polyester buff.

I’ve found them pretty claustrophobic and they also seem to slide down if I talk so, before buying more, I’m trying to figure out what might work better for me. I don’t sew so that’s out. I also know I won’t be happy with ties. Elastic seems to work.

The buff I have is one recommended by two friends:.

It slips down (I’m experimenting with a safety pin) but it definitely makes me feel claustrophobic. I do love that I can leave it around my neck and just lift it up when needed. My current thought is to try a cotton jersey (i.e. T-shirt material) buff. Found one on etsy but haven’t ordered yet.

Have you found a particular mask that’s working well for you?

^^^Your buff while nice is a lot for this time of year - I think I’d suffocate in it!

I’m a bit choosy because I’m someone who gets claustrophobic easily and wearing a mask does not help that - I feel “closed in”.

I have two favorites that I bought from someone in the neighborhood who makes masks among other things and sells online. They have two ties - but the ties are stretchy. I have just taken the ties and tied them so that I can put the mask on but also pull it down and leave it around my neck - so easy on and off - but never really off. This works well for me if I’m going in the office or running a couple errands. On when around people, off and on my neck for driving and my office.

The ones with the elastic that just fits around the ears are fine but you either have it on or it’s totally off.

I have made close to 800 masks, made of 100% cotton, pleated with wire, since the second week of March.

It takes me longer to make the masks because I include coated, 20 gauge wire- along the top, and 22 gauge wire along the bottom. It has a pocket for a filter.

I have worn out two machines and broken about 20 top stitch chrome needles.
At first, people receiving the masks didn’t realize the difference. Now, that they’ve worn and washed them, and have tried other masks, I am getting requests from those same agencies who have already received masks. (I didn’t charge for my masks because I have been sewing for first responders, convalescent center staffs, and essential workers.) Now I have requests for 200 masks. I am really tired of sewing.

Those organizations now report that their people like the quality and the wire (especially people who wear glasses or sunglasses). They liked the fact that they could mold the wire along the cheekbones and nose and could breathe. They also like that they can wash these in the delicate cycle at night and then by morning, these are dry.

There are lots of people producing every variety of masks. You should check the Etsy posts and ask friends what they are using.

I’ve purchased several cloth masks online from different sources and my hands down favorites are the ones from here –

I bought one of each, the cotton and the bamboo. They’re both very soft and comfy but the bamboo is REALLY nice and soft. They have a wire at the nose and they have adjustable ear loops so they fit everyone. They launder beautifully – no shrinkage or stretching.

My only complaint is that they don’t have colors other than navy and black.

I’ve been ordering a few to get ready to stock up my kids when they go back to school. So far our favorite purchased masks are from VIDA. Light, comfortable (they are “formed” rather than pleated which seems to make them more roomy on the inside), adjustable clips on the earband elastic, a nose wire, and a removable filter. Lots of color choices.

Now if/when anyone is wearing them for hours at a time, something with over the head elastic might be preferable, we have some from Los Angeles apparel that again are much more comfortable than my homemade and the elastic is thin which is easier on the hair!

I bought a 5-pack of the Brooks Brothers masks for $20 plus shipping. Initially I was unimpressed with them because the fit was far too loose on my face. After tying off equal portions of each ear loop though, they are pretty impressive for the money. They’re thin, fairly breathable, supposedly filter to 85%, have a wire nose closure and are washable.

This is my favorite so far light weight, light weight ear loop and a place for the filter.

I picked up one of these from my local Hallmark store, then went back and got two more. They are very light (but you can’t blow out a match) and stand a little away from my mouth. At $8 each, they are “middle of the road” priced and have room for a filter.

The one I like the best was handmade by a neighbor with elastic ear straps… My husband feels it is easier to breathe in the cotton t shirt one we made with rubber bands. My daughter doesn’t like the one I got her on Etsy, because she thinks it fits too loosely on her chin (she preferred the cheap disposable one she was given in a doctor’s office).

What I am saying is that people feel differently about what makes a mask comfortable.

I have three different styles made by three different neighbors. I only like one of them. My daughter prefers another. Both have elastic ear loops. The third style has too much fabric and comes sort of straight across my cheeks too close to my eyes. I never wear that one.

After reading an article highlighting about 20 different companies making masks, I chose these from Los Angeles Apparel which @TS0104 mentioned above

I love them. My husband and one of my sons wear them also. Things I like: lightweight terrycloth, nose wire, tapered shape so doesn’t come too high on cheeks and irritate my eyes. Made in America and ships quickly. I had them within a week, shipped from CA to MD.

The only negative for me, which could be a positive for some as @TS0104 indicated, is that they have elastic head straps rather than ear loops. Maybe my head just isn’t that big but I find the top strap doesnt stay in place on my head unless I have a ponytail and have the top strap above my ponytail. Hasn’t been a big deal yet b/c I’ve kept my hair in a ponytail to hide my gray roots but once I finally color it, I will start wearing down again. In that case, ear loops will work better for me. However, I’m probably just going to cut the long elastics and just tie them into ear loops rather than spend money on another mask that I might not like (since masks aren’t returnable). I only bought one three pack originally but I’m about to order two more packs. The long elastics are fine for my husband and son. There is a video and photos on the website to show how to wear and adjust the mask.

This is not the article I originally read but similar in that it describes a lot of different masks companies are selling to help people decide.

I go some polypropalene material for filter and also blue shop cloth.

I have some with elastics that go around the back of the head, and some with ear hoops.

For short term use I am fine with either.

If I am going to be out for more than about a hour, the ones that loop around the ear start to bug me. They start to hurt my ears. I prefer to use the ones where the elastic goes around the back of the head for longer periods of time.

Getting a good fit does seem to be important. I have one that just doesn’t fit right so I do not use it. Fortunately my others seem to fit okay. To sanitize them I just leave them in a brown paper bag for more than 3 weeks (usually more than 4 weeks). This does require that I do not go out very often so that I do not run out of masks.

As it gets toward summer I am no longer wearing gloves, but just try to be careful not to touch my face and wash my hands thoroughly as soon as I get home. The gloves just get too hot.

I wear a buff and had the same problem with it slipping down. I found that I could get a tighter fit by doubling up on the material, like it is shown in the video for the balaclava.

I’ve been making masks for Million Mask Challenge since 3/20. Their pattern uses nose and chin pleats instead of wire, at the request of the hospitals. My favorite mask has fabric ties. I leave the bottom part loosely tied if I’m not close to others because I’m often short of breath.

I make double layer batik or quilting cottons. Standard adult size is 7.59" unfinished (6 .58 finished). That feels a little big on me, even though I’m not petite.

Am still making adult and pediatric masks, as well as scrub caps. @“aunt bea” it’s ok to take some time off. Switching to the scrub caps for a couple weeks was a welcome respite.

I wear a mask everyday at work. I got a six-pack of cotton masks for $24 from Nordstrom. They are light weight, very comfortable and easy to wash.

Good to know! I ordered these yesterday. Thanks @tx5athome !

My husband’s company made company logo masks. My employer is doing the same. It looks like Covid is going to be with us for a while … sadly… hence, company swag takes a new twist.

I’ve made dozens and taught my son how to make them and he’s made dozens. My daughter made and gave away dozens and now sells them online. I can’t stand to wear them. 10 minutes and I start to hyperventilate. I don’t think it matters what the mask is made of. It just screams “Emergency!” to me and I can’t wait to get it off.

But I do wear it where it’s required. I’d rather stay home than wear a mask.

I wear a summer weight neck gaiter by Outdoor Research. Uber Echo?

Not cotton. Thin. I find it stays up if I pull the fabric up a little at the back of my head.

When not wearing that, I have a set of cotton masks from Etsy that have a cord toggle on the elastic which makes it adjustable.

I work in a medical clinic so have to be masked for 9 hours or so. Some are wearing the same surgical mask every day under a cotton mask. I can not wear two sets of elastic behind my ears all day as it starts to bother me. I tried dropping the paper mask loops off, and that helped a bit.

The most comfortable mask I have, and I have purchased several, are these:

I really like the pleating for under the chin and the adjustable ear straps. I can loosen the straps later in the day if they are bothering me, and the mask stays fitted. There is a nose piece, it is two layers, with a third layer for the filter pocket. I have added a coffer filter to the pocket, so have 4 layers; hope it is enough. I wish they had a more neutral color, or a print; I have the red because I am tied of all the black masks we have.

For quick trips around, I have these for both my husband and I. They are three layers with a pocket, have stretch and the ear piece is soft.:

Coupon Code MASK20 should still work for the Aviator mask and you still get free shipping!