Mason Hall

<p>So I'm living here this year and I dont know much about it. All i know is they are apartment styled and they are the furthest away building in the Ashton complex. Anyone now anything else.</p>

<p>what did you hear about mason halls?</p>

<p>just that ashton is kinda spread out so you have to walk to get mail, food and all that stuff. we applied for them because they were the cheapest and we figured it wouldnt be so bad only sharing a bathroom with 4 or 5 guys instead of 100.</p>

<p>Nowhere on IU's campus do you share a bathroom with 100 guys.</p>

<p>Ashton is a collection of units, much like Foster. Mason Hall is the farthest away, located on the corner of 7th and Union, extremely far away from the rest of Ashton. It is closer to Willkie than anything else.</p>

<p>Apartments in it house up to six people in double rooms. Don't expect to have a great social life outside of your roommates, as you are so far away from everything else.</p>

<p>hoosierdaddy23 is it more of a freshmen or upperclass dorm? ... are there both girls and guys on the same floor? and do the kids usually know each other when they are housed in this ashton mason</p>

<p>any info on mason hall?</p>

<p>bump. is it a good deal?? i mean not buying a meal plan can save some cash, and it is 600 dollars cheaper than a dorm room. is it nice or awful?</p>

<p>Are you going to be a freshman? Don't live here if that's the case, pick one of the regular residence hall neighborhoods. It will make your freshman year MUCH better.</p>

<p>yes i am a freshman, Does it make it harder to make friends?</p>

<p>bump? any more info?</p>

<p>I ended up being assigned to the Mason Hall apartments as I turned in my housing application rather late, and lost out on my first choice, Collins LLC. Although Mason Hall was my second choice, I'm beginning to see how awful sharing a bathroom, kitchen, and living space with five strangers could be, as well as the absence of the extracurricular and social opportunities provided at an LLC or traditional dorm. I've asked to be put on the Collins waitlist, but I'm still unsure if living there or elsewhere would be worth spending $2,900 for the required meal plan and extra $600 cost. </p>

<p>Any thoughts?</p>

<p>im in mason hall. i dont think it will be that bad. how did u cancel ur meal plan. i tried through dining services but it wouldnt let me.</p>

<p>From the meal plan website:</p>

<p>"Residents who return to the residence halls for three or more years, any resident of Willkie, Mason Hall, or Hillcrest Apartments, students living in RPS apartments, fraternities, sororities, or off-campus, faculty, and staff may purchase the Crimson plan, any of the Cream plans, or not participate in any meal plan."</p>

<p>IU:RPS</a> - Costs</p>

<p>I'm thinking there's no way I could spend $2,900 on food for a year, even if I ate campus food at the regular price everyday instead of groceries.</p>

<p>I also tried to cancel any future meal plans but the website either didn't allow access to that part, or told me I wasn't signed up for any. I know I had to choose one on the housing application though.</p>

<p>ya the same thing happened when i tried it. any idea what furniture is provide. Like a couch or tables or large refrigerator.</p>

<p>Hey, I just sent an email to RPS asking to cancel any scheduled meal plans since I was assigned to Mason Hall, and they replied by saying that this had been verified, and the meal plan was removed.</p>

<p>I'm not sure about the large refrigerator, seems unlikely to me that they'd provide one, but the virtual tour for Mason actually shows two large refrigerators standing side-by-side, along with a little wrap-around couch and coffee table set up.</p>