Master of Education/Counseling

<p>I am looking to apply to:</p>

<li>Master of Education, Postsecondary Administration and Student Affairs (ME PASA) OR</li>
<li>Master of Education, School Counseling (and Pupil Personnel Services Credential)</li>

<p>I want to become a College Academic Advisor or a Career Advisor. Does either program require the GRE? Which program is a better fit?</p>

<p>Can I be admitted the year after I finished undergraduate with a Bachelor of Business Administration? </p>

<p>Is the Trojan alumni network far-reaching around the country or Southern California for a MEd degree? (where I would like to settle when the economy is better)</p>

<p>Does USC give significant financial aid? Would a higher score on the GRE affect financial aid? (I scored a 1250 on the SAT - M 600 CR590 in 2004)</p>

<p>Is it necessary to have an advanced degree to pursue College/Academic Counseling?</p>

<p>What entry-level positions would lead to becoming a College/Academic Counselor or a College/Academic Counselor for high school students preparing for college admission?</p>