mastering physics got hacked

luckily my antivirus caught the trojan. hopefully nothing more came out of it though.</p>

<p>Really? I need to turn in my HW through MP. How was it hacked, and is it safe to use now?</p>

<p>should be safe now. but before, when you clicked on log in, it would redirect you to another site that was pretty much infested with malware.</p>

<p>edit: now i'm being redirected to the pearson site whenever i'm logging in. jolly good. lol</p>

<p>good thing I did my hw early...but I checked yesterday and it was fine. guess it was before it got hacked.</p>

<p>not really hacked..well somewhat i guess. they're tinkering with it and the system ended up not recognizing something and would redirect you to another website. however, the website i was redirected to had viruses and stuff which kind of ****es me off. i demand reimbursement.</p>