Masterlist of colleges with human biology/anatomy focused majors

Hi, I’ve seen similar threads on here with nursing and other majors but not for human biology. So many colleges have broad biology majors but I am looking for one that is specifically human biology, anatomy, or even biology with a concentration is anatomy/physiology and wanted to start a thread that could be useful for myself and others. So if you know any please add on to start the list and specify the program next to the college. Thank you!!!

I think Boston University, specifically the Sargent School there, has a human physiology major.

Maybe this helps

Best colleges with Physiology degrees -

It is likely that lots of colleges where biology is only a single general major, or a small number of broad majors, have human biology / anatomy / physiology focused upper level biology courses that biology majors can tailor their programs of study with.

For example, UCB has an integrative biology department and major (in addition to a molecular and cell biology department and major). Within that department’s course list, there are many courses on human biology / anatomy / physiology that a student can choose (1-99 = frosh/soph level, 100-199 = junior/senior level, 200-299 = graduate level): Course List | Integrative Biology . The major requirements are shown at Integrative Biology Major Requirements | Integrative Biology ; these leave considerable choice by the student to choose junior/senior level courses of interest.