Masters Before MBA?

<p>Would getting a Masters at reputable and top university in a certain discourse (social science, say), increase your chances at getting into a top tier b-school? I mean that in the sense that you don't want or don't have professional work experience if you graduated, and so you embark on grad school because you love learning and are interested in your field of study.</p>

<p>Of course that Master's is already going to open the door to plenty of opportunities so that is not the intention (using it for b-school) when applying, but rather a curiosity issue when it comes to applying to top b-schools, especially if your undergrad gpa is less-than-stellar.</p>


<p>You still need work. Looking at the GMAT club forums people applying with masters degrees already earned are pretty common. You still need job experience. Most of the other people with MS degrees will be in accounting, economics, engineering or something like that which leads to at least decent work experience. You cannot substitute a masters in sociology for 3 years working a real job.</p>

<p>Well what kind of "Professional work experience" counts towards the MBA program? I was poli sci undergrad so finding something that's pro is going to be difficult. Obviously, a teller position not is gonna cut it, so what counts as pro work experience when you graduate college and are looking for a non-entry level job (since, most positions offered after college are entry level and hardly "professional" since you lack experience and the like). Thanks.</p>