Masters Degree and PhD in Economics after Bachelor Degree in Industrial Engineering

<p>Right now I am studying Industrial Engineering . And I am pretty successful . But I decided to be a faculty member of an Economics Department in the future. With a high GPA , is it possible for me to have a Masters Degree and PhD in Economics in a prestigious American University?</p>

<p>Note: I am studying at a University in Europe which offers its courses in English.</p>

<p>It's absolutely possible. You're probably going to need a high GRE score as well, but I think you have the easiest pathway figured out. Get into a decent American master's in econ program first, get good grades, and then get admitted to a good PhD program. Note that most U.S. master's programs are not funded, so unless you have access to funds, the most difficult part may be finding funding for the master's program as an international student.</p>

<p>If I have a high GPA and a high GRE score can I get admitted to a -not decent- prestigious program or must I be -at least for master- a top-tier school student?</p>

<p>I'm not very familiar with master's in econ programs, so i can't really assess your chances, but if you want to teach, the prestige of the PhD program you go to will be far more important than the prestige of the master's program. Of course, going to a relatively prestigious master's program would help your chances of getting into a prestigious PhD program. You'll have to look at the admission statistics of different master's econ programs to determine what programs you have a shot at getting admitted.</p>