Master's degree at MIT

<p>I'm planning to make an application for MSE in MIT. I'm an undergrad mechatronics engineer in Sabanci University from Turkey. I will have approx. 3.3 GPA in graduation and I'm making physics minor honors program. I'm good at projects and I'm planning to finish the school with at least 3 projects besides my graduation project. </p>

<p>What can I make more to help me get in MIT?</p>

<p>Also I can apply stanford, caltech, princeton and any other universities that are good at engineering and science.</p>

<p>Don't overemphasize the gpa as 3.3 outside of the united states is good, a 3.3 here blows (thats what I have). Is your degree a 3 year or 4 year degree? That makes a huge difference. I would get research experience, ideally in the united states, if I were you. Also, do some realistic prep work on grad programs as there is more to this country's education system than the top few schools. Carnegie Melon, Stony Brook, Georgia Tech etc that have excellent programs in engineering. In addition, 3 research projects are meaningless unless they are each substantial and significant.</p>

<p>Thanks for your answer. What do you mean by making a prep work? I'm in a 4 year school by the way and I have taken a complete english education. Also I've made a project this summer and there is an article written about that project. Of course my name doesn't show up at there but it was a serious project.</p>

<p>Will GRE help me to get in MIT in MSE. It gave me the impression that GRE helps social sciences in Master's Degree.</p>

<p>P.S: 3.3 GPA is really serious work in here.</p>

<p>He means research more schools. Those schools are hard to get into for top applicants. But I realize to some students, its not worth coming out to the US unless its for a top school, which is completely justifiable.</p>

<p>Sorry to warm up such an old thread again!</p>

<p>I am now in the process of my undergrad studies here in Europe and intend to do my future graduate studies in the US.
What therefore hit me a bit was this statement above by belevitt:</p>

<p>"Is your degree a 3 year or 4 year degree? That makes a huge difference."</p>

<p>As far as I know all engineering/science undergraduate degrees in Europe (I can speak for Switzerland, Germany and the UK) are 3 year programs.
Does that do me any bad for a graduate application in the United States?</p>