Master's Degree then Law School for JD?

I was curious if I could get a master’s degree then go to law school, or would law schools just accept your bachelor’s degree?

…Undergrad → Law School is the normal route. No Masters needed or expected.

But: what happened to PT / OT / speech therapy or health administration?

There are some MBA/JD combo programs that take 4 years.

Law school admissions will consider your masters degree as a part of your law school application, but your GPA considered by law schools and calculated by LSDAS will be based on only your undergraduate course grades.

If I understand your question correctly, there is no need to do a masters program before applying to law school. The usual path is directly from college to law school. Masters programs in law are generally used for international students or for specialized post-JD programs like tax (at NYU, for example).

Yes, you can complete a master or doctoral program in another field and later go to law school. For some career pathways that is routine, such as people headed into patent law who need expertise in the technical field that they will practice in.

I am considering different career paths right now!

I’m not sure what year you are, but It would be really good for you to get a job as a paralegal or summer internship in a law firm so you would have some exposure before you decide to commit to three additional years of school and potentially large amounts of debt.