Masters in engineering CE

<p>Hi everyone, I posted this first in another category, but someone advised me to post here instead. Can anyone help? Thanks lots! =)</p>


<p>My dream is to study in the US for my postgraduate degree but the exorbitant tuition fees are a huge bummer. Funding opportunities would probably be nil considering my GPA and also being an international student who is only applying for M.Eng in Structural Engineering. My GRE is decent (Q: 750, V:700, A:scoring-in-progress) but faculty probably wouldn't place much emphasis on this. As such, I would like to ask if the following alternative options are possible:</p>

<p>(1) Enrol in a part-time Masters programme in home country and then switch over to US grad school after about 1-2 semesters (2-4 courses). Do US civil eng programs allow transfer of credits?</p>

<p>(2) Apply to work in a reputable US consulting firm and then study part-time M.Eng. I'm not too sure about the recruitment policies of US firms with regards to international applicants though.</p>

<p>Also, how much weightage does grad school place on work experience? I've been working in the field as a junior engineer for about 1 year now.</p>

<p>Everything depends on the school and employer.</p>

<p>Email the schools you are looking at and ask them their transfer policies.</p>

<p>I haven't heard of transferring credits at the graduate level before.</p>

<p>Why not just work in your home country for a few years before applying for graduate school in the U.S.? Of course it would be best if you got a job in the U.S. and studied part-time, but I don't know how much a problem immigration would be for you.</p>