Masters in Finance?


<p>I have a dilemma. I am 29 in graduate school to be a teacher and I am second guessing the decision. I have a pretty choppy work history and I am almost done with my math teaching degree (one more year). I always wanted to work in business and I have come across some programs that I like. One is for a Masters in Finance and with this degree I would become an Actuary, the other is in project management and I would want to be a Project Manager. My grad gpa is solid, it is a 3.6. I would want to get internships soon because both degrees are under two years to complete. I am just worried about my age and choppy work history. Will big firms even look at me twice, even if I am working on masters in finance or project management? I have been in a ton of grad schools and this is the one I have stuck with (education) so I know its something I may want to do but I see a lot of potential for a career in business and I am more business minded. Help!</p>

<p>If I were you, I'd stick with the education path. Just bouncing from one side to another
will not make you successful. In business, that looks REALLY bad!</p>