Masters in Journalism 2021

Is a Masters in Journalism a career boost these days? My daughter is currently applying to several schools: University of Texas, Syracuse, Missouri, and Columbia. How competitive is it? Other thoughts?

It depends. If she is already working in the field, it’s no boost at all. It’s not like being a teacher, where a master’s degree gets you a higher salary or more status.

If she’s not yet working in the field – say, if she has no or little journalism experience, or if she’s changing careers – then a master’s in journalism can jump-start her career. Not because of the degree per se, but because of the experience and contacts she’ll accumulate in the process.


Does any one have any comments on the Masters in journalism program at the University of Texas?

She has been admitted to all 4 schools and is down to Columbia vs University of Texas. We are instate for UT tuition and live about a 3 hour drive away from Austin. The cost difference is huge. Any words of wisdom to help her choose?

If she wants to stay in the Texas area, I’d say UT would probably have strong connections. Otherwise, all things being equal, I’d look hard at Columbia as it’s definitely one of the top name brand journalism programs.

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She decided to go to University of Missouri. She got a tuition waiver (both in state and out of state), a scholarship, and a stipend. She can attend without incurring any debt. Her decision to go to Mizzou was a no brainer. She works as a TA for a professor and for a magazine published by the university.


This is the problem with my daughter for undergrad. She wants OUT of Texas so I’m wondering/trying to find results about where UT grads go for work after undergrad. How many get jobs in the NE where my daughter wants to wind up.