Masters in Journalism

My daughter has been admitted to Columbia, Missouri, Syracuse and University of Texas. We are in state for UT and the tuition is very affordable. Columbia has the most expensive tuition even after a 20k scholarship, and the cost of housing in NYC is higher than in Austin. She has ruled out Syracuse (too cold) and Missouri (too remote). She is a city girl. She is down to Columbia vs UT. Any advice welcome.

Can you afford Columbia without taking out loans?

We can easily afford UT. We “could” afford to send her to Columbia, but we have just finished paying for 4 years at an expensive private college. We would prefer she take out loans for the difference between UT and Columbia.

If SU (my alma mater - Newhouse) is too cold, then Columbia will be too. Columbia is the best name as it’s Ivy.

Just realize most who study journalism end up not in the field. That may be different today because there’s so many additional mediums and freelance/blog/podcast type stuff.

In the end, you are sending out samples - so what you look like, sound like, write like will matter more - so save the $$.

She ended up choosing the University of Missouri for the strength of the journalsm program. She is likely to get a TA position which will greatly reduce the cost of tuition. The cost of living is much cheaper than NYC.

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Good call. I was a TA for my MBA - in essence, I got paid to go to school - the TA got me in state tuition and the stipend covered more than in state costs. I went to a lesser name - #40 for MBA (ASU) - Mizzou - it’s near the top.

Congrats to you.

I hope my daughter can follow the same path.