Masters in Library Science or a Health AA degree?

Master Degree in Library Science with a Certificate in Archival Studies.

For the people in the field, or starting a master’s program for it, be completely honest what would be the best course of action to go for if job and financial security are my goals?


-My university would pay 6 hours worth of credits for me.

-It’s completely online so it wouldn’t interfere with my job.

-The university in the link has high marks for its Library Program.

-I chose archival studies because a lot of the listed courses I will have to take for it are in the lucrative technology field.

-It would probably be easy for me to get a library job or something similar on campus when I’m done.

-It’s accredited by the library association.

-I already have BA in journalism.

-I love books, writing, and research.

-My personality suits this field (INTJ).

-I emailed the director(she hasn’t gotten back to me yet though) to ask about apprenticeship that would pay for my entire tuition.


This virus has shown me more than ever that as far as money and job security is concerned working in the humanities is not wise.

-If I choose this route I wouldn’t be able to start until next semester since the deadline has gone for this one.

-If I don’t get the apprenticeship I will have to take out more student loans,and at the more higher tuition rate of a university.

Associate in Applied Science degree in Health Information Technology to become a Medial Records and Health Technician.


-It’s in the health field so career and financial security is stronger.

-The school in the link is where I would be going. It’s keeps coming up in high marks during my research for this degree.

-The school and the program are accredited by the correct body in its field.

-It’s completely online.

-It’s through a much cheaper community college.

-I am already enrolled in classes. However, I haven’t paid for them yet and classes don’t start until the 24th so I can drop right now if need be.

-There are a lot of job openings in my area with a salary that suits me since I’m only one person.

-I can always still get my masters in library science, but now with the more lucrative medical field under my belt.


-It has math(statistics, analytics) in it, and I have never been good at that subject.

-While I am very decent in science it’s still something that I have to study a little more on then say writing or english that just comes naturally to me.

If you’re already enrolled in the health program it sounds like you made a decision. Are you second guessing it because of the math classes? What math courses have you taken?

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