Masters in Mechanical Engineering or Masters in Engineering Management

<p>Hi, I have recently acquired my Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering and now I am planning to go for a Masters degree but I am really confused which degree should I go for because I want to like in the initial years of my career stay in the technical side and learn the technical things and then go to management as in my opinion to manage something you should first know how it's all done. I am really confused and can't decide what to do. Please help</p>

<p>Your situation is very typical. I would suggest that you work for a couple of years and then make the decision about which Masters degree will serve you best in your chosen career. Your employer may even pay for the degree to keep you and many graduate programs like to see that work experience in their applicants.</p>

<p>yes but the thing is that I want to go now because I have a chance now. I can’t predict the future but now I have the will to do it. I don’t know maybe after some years I am not ready then for a masters program</p>