Masters In Microbiology With Geeneral Biology Undergrad (with microbiology elective courses)?

Want to get a masters in microbiology but my school only offers General Biology as an undergrad. They do however have microbiology elective courses. Can I be a biology major with emphasis in microbiology and do a masters program in microbiology?

I have found some information regarding Microbiology Masters requirements but each graduate program may have different course requirements.

This information is from the UCR graduate program:
For admission into the graduate program in Microbiology, a student must have a B.A. or B.S. degree from an accredited institution. Although no specific undergraduate degree specialization is required, applicants should have an adequate background in the physical and biological sciences, including the following or equivalent courses:

CHEM 001A, CHEM 001B, CHEM 001C (General Chemistry), CHEM 112A, CHEM 112B, CHEM 112C (Organic Chemistry), BCH 110A, BCH 110B (Biochemistry), MATH 009A, MATH 009B (Calculus), STAT 100A (Statistics), BIOL 102 (Genetics), BIOL 121A/MCBL 121A, BIOL 121L/MCBL 121L (Microbiology), BIOL 107A or BCH 110C (Molecular Biology)

This list is intended to represent the minimum background required for students wishing to pursue a graduate degree in Microbiology. Additional course work and laboratory experience in microbiology, biochemistry or genetics is highly desirable. However, upon the recommendation of the graduate advisory committee, occasionally a student may be admitted into the graduate program with one or more course work deficiencies; such students must satisfy these course work deficiencies usually within the first and no later than within the second year of graduate study.**

Here is information for UC Davis Graduate program:

Undergraduate Preparation for Admission

Admission requires an undergraduate degree (B.S. or B.A.) in a biological science, which should include coursework in biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics. Upper division courses in biochemistry, cell biology, microbiology, microbial physiology, genetics or immunology are also encouraged. Applicants for admission to MGG are required to meet the University of California minimum 3.0 GPA requirement for admission.

Students must also demonstrate an aptitude and enthusiasm for research, which should include active participation in an independent research project supervised by a faculty member and/or post-baccalaureate research experience.

If you take the CPP Microbiology emphasis along with the BS required courses for the Biology major, you should be fine and cover the required courses. You have several elective options so you can choose which would fit best for the Master’s Programs. Just do some research on your target schools.