Master's Program, Awful GPA

<p>Hey guys, I come with a hypothetical yet burning question. Long story short, I am entering my junior year of undergrad and am contemplating on attending graduate school in order to obtain a master's degree in either international relations or geography. My question pertains to the generally accepted thresholds for admittance. Although my current GPA is good, being the eternal pessimist that I am I feel that it will go nowhere but down (sub 3.0). Suppose I graduate with something under 2.4.. Would any hope of getting into a master's program be shot?? I've read that work experience can offset poor grades, but is there still a point when you're essentially just toast? Thank you in advance to anyone who responds!</p>

<p>A 2.4 pretty much locks the doors until you have some significant work experience. It’s frankly not indicative of a student capable of or motivated for graduate-level work.</p>