MAT 215 - Multivariable Calc

<p>I just finished AP calc ab and bc, and got As... but it was through a college so i didnt take the AP exam. Can i enter, and should i? is the class hard for the average freshman? any input is appreciated.</p>

<p>I don't know anything about the specific class, but the multivariate curriculum is roughly the same at Stanford.</p>

<p>If you've gotten A's in all calculus classes, I'm sure you'll do just fine in Math 215. </p>

<p>Normally, universities recommend a 4-5 on the AP test to skip into multivariable. I'm sure that getting A's qualifies you.</p>

<p>MAT 201 is multivariable and you should be able to get into the class without problems. it definitely isn't an <em>easy</em> class to start out with 1st semester, but a couple hundred people do it anway. weekly problem sets have about a dozen or more problems that can get repetitive/tedious and ended up taking most people about 3-4 hrs. there are 3 or 4 30min take-home quizzes that are time-challening and the midterm and final averages were about 60% or below. </p>

<p>idunno what your course covered but all you really need to be comfortable with is differentiation, integration with substitution and by parts (but no solids of revolution), and some taylor series. most instructors do a good job of walking you through everything else, but some are worse than others. </p>

<p>assuming you're a bse....i'd say to try out multivariable, find an instructor you're comfortable with, and see how it goes. you can always drop down and retake mat104 if you're struggling.</p>

<p>"f you've gotten A's in all calculus classes, I'm sure you'll do just fine in Math 215."</p>

<p>No. MAT 215 is one of the most difficult classes at Princeton. You will find yourself surrounded by Princeton's best math students. I really would not recommend taking this class unless you have scored above 115 on the AMC-12 or something of that sort. MAT 201, on the other hand, is not a particularly difficult class and falls more in line (difficulty-wise) with the AP curriculum. And btw, MAT 215 is NOT multivariable calculus, it is analysis in a single variable. MAT 218 is multivariate analysis for which MAT 215 is a prereq.</p>

<p>Yeah, sorry. I didn't bother looking at the course. I just assumed it was multivariate calc.</p>

<p>I really don't see how the AMC 12 has anything to do with taking an Analysis class. But you should be familiar with rigorized mathematical proofs.</p>

<p>I only offered the AMC 12 as a guage of mathematical ability to see if you are truly qualified to take the class.</p>

<p>you can definately take mat 201, theres also 203? which is honors multivariable which you could try if you want the challenge. MAT 215 is really hard, and i would only take that if you want to be a math major, in which case you need to</p>