MAT SCI M105 with Kodambaka

<p>M105 - Principles of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology</p>

<p>Has anyone taken this class with Kodambaka? Is it easy? How is the class structured? Is the professor any good? Bruinwalk has a review for his MAT SCI 104 class and he doesn't sound so hot. Thanks in advance :D</p>

<p>Is it just Kodambaka or Kodambaka/Ozolinsh? K was the better of the lecturers. The class overall had some pretty tough concepts, and was pretty boring for me. However, I took it to start my technical breadth in nano and just stuck with it. The class introduces some ideas that are helpful in the future, however I could have spent my time better doing some other things. The class was easy in that - TAs helped TONs with homework (pretty easy) and the two final exams (one for each prof, one of which was a midterm) had practice tests that were structured similar to the actual test. </p>

<p>I'm struggling on whether or not to reccommend you this class. I didn't like it that much, but I did learn plenty in the class. If you like quantum theory/particle in a box, they cover a lot of that - I didn't care so much for it so i was /pwned. Still ended up with an A- though. </p>

<p>What year/major are you?</p>

<p>Kodambaka's the only lecturer this quarter. Yeah.. nanotech sounds interesting but I suck at quantum theory, etc. Going to be a 3rd year (trying to switch into CS) so I'd be taking this for my technical breadth. Do you know if any other lecturers teach M105 and have you taken any later nano classes? If so, how are they? Thanks!</p>

<p>i'm surprised they haven't cut that technical breath. hell, they basically removed the solid state from the EE offerings.</p>