Match Day- More Stressful than College Admissions

<p>I just survived Match Day. My future son in law opened the sealed envelope at noon today- the envelope which determined his and my daughter's next 4 years (and mine and H's). This process for determining where a soon-to-be medical school grad will do his or her residency is absolutely the most stressful thing! The teaching hospitals rank the med students and the students rank the hospitals, and you get ONE match! Of course, for a year you have been courted and interviewed and tried to sell yourself to your goal hospital.</p>

<p>My daughter is a postulant (Aspirant to the Episcopal priesthood) and was accepted to Vanderbilt Divinity School with a great scholarship. The Bishops of Texas and Tennessee were good sports and all the stars were aligned. All that awaited them was THE ENVELOPE! Would it say VANDERBILT or would it say UCHICAGO or COLUMBIA? After her June wedding, would my lovely, talented daughter and her new husband be spending 4 years in our wonderful home town or would she be far away again? She left for boarding school in 2003, and we really wanted her near us. </p>

<p>The envelope was opened and I got a text message that said "VANDERBILT HERE WE COME!" I am so excited and relieved and wanted to share this happy news with my CC family.</p>


<p>Congratulations, Mom! You must be feeling sooooooo relieved! How wonderful for your D and SIL.</p>

<p>Congratulations! A friend is in a similar situation. Her son's fiancee gets her match today. Her son is in law school. If her match is too far away, he's going to try to transfer. Everyone's on pins and needles waiting. </p>

<p>The NY Times had an article about a young couple with 2 children. Both parents are trying to get a match. As stressed as your D was, imagine having 2 young children and not knowing if mommy and daddy can get matches in the same city!</p>

<p>Congratulations - what a treat for you all! If I remember correctly, you are a transplant to Nashville within the last year or so. I hope your daughter and her husband will be as happy as it seems that you & H are in TN!</p>

<p>Thanks. They love Nashville/Franklin and can't wait to get here. They have already found a cute little house to rent not far from Vanderbilt. The wedding is in our wonderful church here in TN. We are all going to CMA Fest the Thursday night before the wedding! Found a really kickin' country band for the reception. </p>

<p>You are right- the couples trying to match is really stressful, especially if one is stronger than the other or in an easier specialty.</p>

<p>Congratulations, MomofWildChild, on this wonderful news! I'm so happy for you! You are one of my favorite posters.</p>

<p>Whee- now you can relax a little. Thanks for sharing your good news.</p>

<p>Wow, MOWC, that's great!!! Congrats to your entire family on the great news! It's so great when something so important works out so perfectly!!</p>

<p>Congrats! And I'll add an angle from the POV of clergy family. I think your D's ministerial studies will be deepened by the experience of living near her own family for a time. As she grows theologically and learns to serve families in a congregational setting (if that's her intention), her first-hand personal experiences of the many dynamics of intergenerational family living will help her recognize the hopes and challenges of the families she may serve in future years.</p>

<p>Besides, it'll be fun to have them at your dinner table on occasion!! It's wonderful news. Thanks for sharing.</p>

<p>Great news!</p>

<p>That's wonderful!!!</p>


<p>Wow, MOWC...GREAT news! Big relief too! It is really wonderful that all the stars aligned and that both your D and her fiance got what each wanted and earned and that both could land in the same city AND for you, in YOUR city! Wow! Rejoice!!!!</p>

<p>The match day thing sounds very stressful and gives no options! But I do have to say that it never ends once college admissions is over and things like this keep coming up for our kids! I have one that is in the midst of grad school admissions and it is like all over again! We are also doing a happy dance. But I must say, your news involves the circumstances for two people in an engagement and so it is even more nervewracking. But how great that it all worked out so fantastically! (not sure if that is a word)</p>

<p>Wewwwhh! I could still feel the tension in your initial post. CONGRATULATIONS!</p>

<p>Congratulations! Match Day is the future determining event for medical students. It is hard enough for one person to try to get their first choice, but the compromises involved with a second person's goals... I know of people who switched specialties due to available residencies for their spouse to be in(military...) and the horrors faced by those few who had to do last minute position finding before the big day when none of their choices matched. Residency location strongly influences the area most physicians end up in later. The first year of residency (internship in bygone days) is the hardest of one's life- it is a double blessing for your daughter to have your nearby support when her new husband is so busy.</p>

<p>Thanks, all. The kids told me that there were only 30 dermatology residency spots in the entire country (that is NOT his area) and that UT Houston doctors got FIVE of them! That is really something. I guess a lot of the would-be dermatologists had to go into the "scramble", which is what the last-minute position finding is called. You get told the Monday before Match Day if you "matched", and if you did NOT match, you go into the "scramble".</p>

<p>My daughter's process was a little stressful in that she was dealing with Bishops. Texas only sends aspirants to certain seminaries, and Vanderbilt is not one of them! (Sewanee, Austin and Virginia) She was fortunate that she had a good Bishop (about to retire) who was very impressed by her file and had influence. She essentially got handed off to Tennessee, which was the perfect solution. It would have been much less perfect if the match had been in NY or something.</p>

<p>It is lovely to hear of the stars aligning so neatly for one of our CC families. Congratulations to the whole extended-to-be family! Lorelei</p>

<p>Match Day IS incredibly stressful, but every time I have been close to people going through it, I have been amazed at how well it works, and how small (and, ultimately, solvable) the number of residual problems is.</p>

<p>My sister had something of a bad experience, but it was entirely self-inflicted. She really wanted Hospital A, but she knew Hospital B, in a different city, liked her a lot, and Hospital B had the highest professional prestige in her specialty of any of the hospitals that interviewed her. She knew if she ranked Hospital B at all, there was a risk she would wind up there, but she couldn't bring herself to leave it off her list entirely. Sure enough, she wound up at Hospital B. She spent a fair amount of emotional energy sulking about how Hospital A hadn't ranked her high enough to make a match. But a year later she found out that Hospital A had ranked her plenty high -- except Hospital B had made her their top choice in the country.</p>

<p>MOWC, congratulations to your whole family! That is absolutely wonderful for two generations. I have a niece who is an undergrad at Vanderbilt (she loves it!) as well as other strong ties there.</p>