Match Me/ Chance Me- Rising high school senior trying to apply for BS/MD programs and regular pre-med undergrad (would appreciate any and all suggestions)!

US domestic: US citizen
State/ Location of residency: New Jersey
Type of high school: tuition-free public school (but need to apply in order to get accepted/ so basically like a mini-college process to be more specific)
Gender/Race/Ethnicity: Female, Asian (Korean)

INTENDED MAJOR(S): Mainly chemistry, biology (got easily bored of this subject because it was first given online, but wish to delve deeper into the topic if possible), psychology, and mathematics.


  • Unweighted HS GPA: 4.0/4.0
  • Weighted HS GPA*: Our school does not have a weighting system.
  • Class Rank*: Our school does not do class rankings, but am going to assume I am in the top 1% solely based on GPA.
  • ACT/SAT Scores*: SAT 1560 (760 RW, 800 M) / MATH IIC: 780 (this was before Subject Tests got cancelled last year year)
    OTHERS: Applied for NMS, but results are not released yet until September 2021.

9th grade: did not take any APs during this year
10th grade: AP Calculus AB (5), AP Physics 2 (3)
11th grade: AP Calculus BC (not known yet), AP Lang (not known yet)
12th grade: planning to take AP Chemistry, AP Lit, AP Stats, and Calculus III (school scheduling would not let me take Anatomy and Physiology class, and AP Psychology was cancelled).
Foreign Language: took spanish for three years straight (9th, 10th, 11th), but for 11th grade, I took a course called SUPA Spanish where college credits may or may not be given depending on the college.


  • Received Rebecca Serkey Follow Your Dreams Book Scholarship (a scholarship received at my EMT course)
  • Received third place in New Jersey State Championship for swimming.


  • Nationally certified EMT
  • Shadowing a physician
  • Working as a member of the volunteer ambulance corps in my town
  • Participating in research with students and professors in NJIT
  • Participated in HOSA competitions
  • Member of ACS Chemistry Club
  • Volunteering to tutor students in chemistry
  • Volunteered to help hold annual community swimming competitions
  • Leader of KIDT (an annual event focused on Korean dance and culture)
  • Competitive swimming for 10 years
  • Attended Junior Olympics, Zones, and Sectionals swimming competitions as well.


  • For my essay, I’m focusing on the impact that I’ve felt while working with others to complete my EMT course, especially during the time of the pandemic for I enrolled in this school while covid was still peaking (Sept 2020-Feb 2021). I understand that the topic of the global lockdown would be a common theme amongst many applicants nowadays, but, I am mainly focusing on the effect that the communication and collaboration amongst my classmates have had on me, and how it reassured my determination to help people knowing that there are others who were and will be there to help me.

  • LORs: I asked my 10th grade chemistry teacher (who is also the supervisor for the chemistry club that I am currently in) for a recommendation since I am interested in the major going forward to college, but also because I feel that I was able to interact with her the most compared to the new teachers that I had during online school in my junior year. This reasoning also applies to my second letter of recommendation which I asked from my 10th grade AP Calc AB teacher, who I felt knew me well the most and (I’m hoping this is the case) who had a particular liking to me in sophomore year. In addition, I asked for a third letter of recommendation from my spanish teacher because (this one I am pretty sure on aha) of the particular liking and credit she held to my diligence and determination as a student in her class. I’m not entirely sure if I would send this teacher’s rec, but I asked just in case if it helps for my favor and image.


  • After receiving financial aid if possible, preferably within $20,000-$30,000 per year tuition.
  • ^ Regarding this factor, I asked my parents knowing that cost restraints is an important factor, but they insisted that I focus on the quality and education of the school regardless of its price first, and reasoned that they will deal with the costs later. So, when giving suggestions, I would appreciate it if you could also put in colleges without the price in mind if possible.

Location Preference: Preferably within 10 hour drive distance from NJ (just as long as it does not require long plane rides). Would also be better to resemble a very suburban or city-like environment.
School Size: Prefer small to medium population size (but don’t entirely mind large ones either)
Specifics: Would like if the colleges value teacher and student relations as well as provide many opportunities to explore different majors (flexible in scheduling) and to study abroad.
Scholarships: As mentioned previously, I did apply for NMS and am awaiting for their response in the fall. However, regardless, I will continue applying for scholarships during the year.

  • as a disclaimer, regarding the schools I am listing below, these are simply just a few choices I’ve had in mind but they are by no means definite
    BS/MD Programs:
  • Rutgers University-Newark
  • Case Western Reserve University (PPSP)
  • University of Rochester (REMS)
    -John Hopkins (I know it’s not a program, but referring to it’s pre-health track)
  • NYIT
  • Hofstra

** NOTE **
I know that the only colleges I’ve included in the very last portion of this post are BS/MD programs, which is why I’m asking for suggestions on this forum (it is my first time using it). By looking at my history so far, I would appreciate if people could give their recommendations on any other BS/MD programs I would have a potential in, the chances of admission into any of the programs I’ve already listed, and, most importantly, any suggestions on colleges for regular undergrad admissions that provide quality education in the majors I’m interested in or that I have potential in excelling in (whether they are ivies or common state schools). I am open to any and all recommendations, and would much appreciate honest feedback :slight_smile: Thank youu!

Before you finalize your list, you need to run the NPC’s for the schools you are interested in to see if they are affordable for your family. This will allow you to see what type of need-based (or merit aid) financial aid you might expect from schools and see if the $20-30,000 cost is realistic. Because you want to attend medical school it is important not to rack up a lot of undergraduate debt. As a student you are limited to a total of around $27,000 in undergraduate loans over the course of 4 years - any additional loans would need to be co-signed or taken out by your parents. You seem like a very accomplished student, but, as you know, BSMD programs are extremely competitive with admissions rates around 1% in many cases. You certainly have the grades to be competitive, but because these programs are so tiny, they are a high reach for you (and every other student). You should develop a list of regular colleges to augment your BSMD choices and make sure they will be affordable so you aren’t drowning in debt before you begin medical school. Rutgers is probably a low match for you (and a very good choice if affordable) but you need to add others that you’d be happy to attend.


I thought Pitt. But here’s a list.

I’m sure anywhere is within range. You are amazing. Good luck.



I’d add Pitt as well. You’d be competitive.


I completely agree. I’ll definitely keep this in mind, thank you so much for your advice! I’ll also reach out with more questions if I have any :+1:

Thank you so much! I heard about Pitt but I knew that it would be extremely competitive so I wasn’t sure where I would fall in line regarding my potential to get in, but I’ll definitely give it a try. Thank you again!

meant to also include “National Honor Society” under here.

Unless you have an extra spot in the awards section, leave out NHS. Every student applying to your level of schools is a member. It is basically meaningless at top tier schools.


Secondibg Pitt.
Adding Dickinson for regular premed and study abroad that works foe scienxe majors.


Why is the BS/MD route appealing?

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You wouldn’t have to take the MCAT & you’re guaranteed a spot in a medical school.

In some programs students do still have to take the MCAT and med school entry is contingent on attaining a certain score.

Also, many programs require a certain GPA for guaranteed med school admission, and at some schools this GPA can be very high (like at Washu). Bottom line, read all the fine print at every program on one’s list.


If you are worried about taking the MCAT…don’t. You will do fine on it. Locking yourself in to one school and limiting your choices (college and med school) just to avoid the MCAT is not a good reason to go the BS/MD route. Given your academics so far you should do very well in college and most likely be a very competitive med school applicant.


Yeah, one of my coworkers at my ambulance corps is currently studying for her MCAT and she looked so stressed while doing it, so to be completely honest I got a bit intimidated by it as well, but I’m sure this is the case for everyone and it’ll eventually be okay :+1: Thank you for your replies!

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This OP has a fine SAT score so probably does well on standardized tests. The MCAT is one you can actually prepare for…and should prepare for.

As an FYI. If someone is applying to a BS/MD program to avoid taking the MCAT, they need to remember that if they do attend medical school, they will be taking one important exam after the next. Step 1, Step 2, Step 3. Shelf tests after many rotations. Exams near the end of each residency year. And board exams both written and oral in their specialty.

If taking the MCAT is not something they want to do…they need to consider all these other very required tests.