Match Me: Intl' Indian, female, Computer Science


Gender :

Intended Major(s):
Computer Science

Current Grade:

Percentages(10th grade final exams were cancelled, scoring pattern not yet disclosed):
9th: 92%(ew)
10th half-semester: 87.3% (horrible, result of online classes)

  • ACT/SAT Scores: Gave one in 10th casually, 1380 score
    Will retake this year seriously after schools open, aiming for a high 1400 to mid 1500 score

School doesn’t offer APs, planning to self study AP Calculus BC, AP Computer Science A, AP Physics C: Mechanics and probably AP English Literature and Composition. Taken MOOCs on Introduction to CS. About to pursue Machine Learning courses.

currently lacking.
International Benchmark Test- High Distinction- Science, English(9th grade)
-Distinction- Reasoning
Winner- school creative writing competition.

Won a lot more things before 9th but people tell me not to mention those.
Participating in some more this year.


Working as content head of school’s philosophy society. (200+ members)
On Content Team of an online female support organization. (reach of about 1000+)
Content Team of a political awareness organization(write articles)(reach of about 1500+)
Write blogs for a blogging community(200+ reach)
Content Researcher at a Youth awareness society(500+ reach).
Currently building a website/blog for the youth awareness society.
Participated in two hackathons till now, about to pursue more in the future. Working on a productivity app with a team.
Hope to pursue personal ML/NLP projects in the future.
Currently working with a small/new trust to conduct a human rights survey(current size-220 participants).
Wish to work on open source contribution on Github, currently looking at resources for getting started.
Cost Constraints / Budget
Family’s annual income- approx. 21,000$
Scholarship- full aid needed
Match Me!

I know that my activities are not much or that worthful even and most people start working on Computer Science projects at a younger age but I started only a few months ago(2-3 months of “real experience” with coding). Many of the things listed are in-process or things I will pursue this year. I haven’t also spent time doing anything in 10th grade(was in a really bad mental state last year), my activities are much more recent and I haven’t dedicated 2-3 years to them like other people I see, but I work hard and I give my best. I wished that was enough even though it isn’t : (

You really should focus on finding affordable options in your country. That statement isn’t a negative assessment of your accomplishments but the result of many more applicants than available seats and financial aid dollars.

First off, computer science admissions are even more competitive than the overall admission rates that are published. Second, you have the misfortune of coming from an over represented country. The number of students accepted from India average about 5-6 per year at the selective schools. Lastly, you need significant financial aid. Public colleges will likely not offer aid to international students (many don’t offer any to Americans from other states) and the private colleges that do are among the most selective in the country and/or consider your need before even offering admission. That makes just about every school a reach for you, unfortunately.


Agree, your best chance would probably be an affordable college in your home county.

If you are coming to the US I would look at secondary schools such as Alabama, South Carolina, UAH, Tennessee, Arizona State, etc.

The others are correct though in that you may be better staying home. With your grades you are unlikely to get into a top program although it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t apply to a few reaches. A reach for you is RPI, Case Western, or Maryland….not MIT etc.

You don’t mention money. But your education here will be very expensive.

Good luck.

You might be able to find some colleges in the US that are looking for more international representation. The problem is that many of these colleges also don’t offer a lot of aid. The colleges like to offer aid to international students whose test scores can raise their own average.

Look at private colleges farther down on the ranking list. Smaller liberal arts colleges might be more willing. Definitely avoid the public state universities. Doubtful that you’ll get any meaningful aid. Also look at colleges where Asians/Indians are underrepresented. Some historically black colleges might be an option. Or some of the catholic schools.

Good luck

Agree. Why are you choosing the US for colleges?
The competition for majoring in CS is fierce in US colleges.

Apply, but know that funding will be an issue, as well as the major.
The universities lost a lot of money during the pandemic so their dollars are going to be extremely limited.

Also, you should list the EC’s you’ve completed, not what you hope to do.
The colleges aren’t impressed by “laundry” lists. They begin to think you’re too thinly spread out. They don’t want students whose primary focus is in getting into colleges, but they do want those individuals who seek their own passions.

Self-studying for AP courses does not help. In fact, college admissions officers state that this is not helpful. They want to see your performance in a classroom with teacher recommendations and a letter grade. In other words, studying by yourself, non-stop, tells them that you won’t leave your room to participate in on-campus activities.

Edited to add: Trying to construct EC’s from presumed “filler” activities, over the past 2 to 3 months, isn’t going to help. Did you do anything for fun these past couple of years?

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