Match schools?

<p>So right now my list is a little top heavy with mostly reaches where I have less than a 50% chance of getting in. </p>

<p>My stats:</p>

<p>Female, a rising senior, living in Michigan.
3.94 GPA, in the top 10%.
28 ACT, but I'm taking it again soon and I'm hoping for a 30+.
Will have taken AP Bio, AP Chem, AP Calc BC, and AP Psych by the time I graduate.</p>

<p>I'm planning on majoring in Neuroscience/Cognitive Science so I'm looking for schools that have that program. I'm also looking for a school with a max of ~10,000 students, and somewhere where it's COLD. :)</p>

<p>The schools I'm thinking about applying to as of now:</p>

Case Western
University of Rochester
Johns Hopkins
St. Olaf
and MAYBE Central Michigan.</p>

<p>Could you suggest some match schools?</p>