Materials Science-Ph. D. Program

I am new to CC and I didn't know if this post should go into the "What are my chances forum" or the "Graduate School" forum. I am getting ready to apply to materials science graduate programs and I am trying to figure out where I fall in the spectrum of potential mat. sci. grad students. Ill post my "stats" and if anyone with experience in this area could help me out I would greatly appreciate it.
College: Large State school- great rep for research (especially in physics)
Double Major: Physics; Materials Science (Took 5 years)
GPA: 3.65
6 semesters mat. Sci. Research
1 summers of research at other institutions (REUs)
5 Publications (2nd author) (3 of which were in well respected Journals)
4 Conference abstracts
I also am involved in student organizations for physics and mat sci. Furthermore I participate in a group that does science experiments for youngs kids and I have travelled to inner city Philadelphia to speak about science (on my own initiaitve and dime)
Thanks, I hope you can help me!

<p>Did all 5 publications come from helping out the same person or different people? In other words, did all 5 publications have the same first author? Seems kind of strange that you have 5, but your profile looks good.</p>

<p>Yeah. I worked with the same graduate student on all of them. The two of us worked really well together. </p>

<p>Why is it "strange" that I have five. I was just fortunate to find someone I got along with well.</p>

<p>b/c its uncommon, not sure how it'll be viewed by others(grad school session
when its the Same 2 authors on all 5</p>

<p>It's strange/uncommon because most grad students don't even get five papers within a four year period.</p>

<p>Anyway, your application looks pretty solid to me.</p>