Math 1 C Thread To End Them All

<p>Whats the deal with MATCH 1 C? I mean i hear theres a harsh curve or something and all, but for a person who doesn't know calc or that much of trig- i cant take MATH IIC. </p>

<p>In that case i have to take MATH 1 C. I have the books but can anyone tell me what an average score is and bascically evrything you know about the exam (from its hard curve to scoring to why people take/dont take it to if its important)?</p>


<p>Every raw point is worth ten points, so technically, there is no curve.
The fiftieth percentile is 590, I believe...</p>

<p>People don't take it because of the rough curve,
and because it's very easy to score well on the Math II
if you know what you're doing.</p>

<p>but if its so easy dont ppl get most if not all right</p>

<p>Well, you have to be very, very good at doing "easy" problems.
Accurate, and quick.</p>

<p>It's not an easy test at all.</p>

<p>Yes, for the most part people can get most of them right. But if "most" means all but 8, then you could end up with a 700 on Level 1 but a 800 on Level 2 (I don't know the actual curve, that was probably an exaggeration).</p>

<p>Plus, since the math on Level 1 is easier they ask more tricky questions, and since you don't have much time to spend on each question it's easy to fall for those tricks. I remember being able to answer every question (except maybe 1-2) on Level 2, but I couldn't answer as many on Level 1 practice tests either because some questions took up way too much time or others were just too complicated.</p>