Math 142 Question?

<p>Has anyone on here taken 142 yet? Because I'm a little curious about being prepared for Econ 322. I finished the transfer equivalent (1325) this past spring and I wanted to know what material was covered? My class was broken down into like 5 parts: derivatives, application of der., integration, application of int. and finally partials, LaGrange and implicit differentiation combined in the last month. Thanks.</p>

<p>Is 142 Business Calc? If you're going to be taking Econ 322, then you should be smart enough to do well in 142.</p>

<p>I made a B in the class and an A on the Final, because I studied pretty hard. I would have had an A in the class but I really slacked on the homework throughout the semester. I know I can understand what we covered at my CC, but I'm just checking so I'm not in for a huge surprise with material I haven't covered for Econ 322 or 323.</p>

<p>Math 142 is soo easy! If you did good in Math 141, u should be fine. It's Business Calc.</p>