math 151 or 152

<p>If my S scores a 5 on his Calc BC exam...should he take 151, 152 or skip both and take multivariable? He has an excellent high school teacher, made a 36 in math on ACT. He has one friend who had the same hs teacher who started w 152 and made an A. He has another who said he wished he'd skipped 152 because he would have done fine in multivariable wo taking 152.<br>
Any advice, or should he take the advisor's advice...advisor will prob say start w 151 or 152...
Very different from what he was told at UT...

<p>Most engineering advisors at TAMU will probably recommend that your son starts with MATH 151, likely to be safe and to help with the transition from H.S. to college. From my personal experience, if his study habits are good, he’ll be fine if he doesn’t. </p>

<p>I’d personally recommend him starting in 152, and not skipping it to go to 251 (multivariable). Depending on how his BC class was taught, he may not be sufficiently prepared for 251. This way he’ll also start off his math track as a review, while also maintaining some college credit. And don’t let the counselors scare him, this was the route I took and I did fine.</p>

<p>thank you. He was also wondering if he could take engr 111 and 112 together? He has ap credits for all the chemistry, physics and english…so he hates to wait an entire year to take a science class because he can’t move on to upper level!</p>

<p>Also, advice on professors for math?
Thanks again</p>

<p>3 years ago, the Math dept. did not disclose the professors until after the registration closed. They did this on purpose. You should check for this year. He should ask his advisor, but 1)both classes would have to be offered in the fall and 2) this would be inviting trouble of ENG 112 built upon ENG 111. I would consider finishing out the general requirements. Depending on the major, there are other sciences that he could take or consider linear algebra. There are also engineering certificates he could get a jump on.<br>
[ESSAP</a> - Engineering Certificate Programs](<a href=“]ESSAP”></p>

<p>schmegel, with your son’s scores, I think he should definitely start with Math 152, or possibly higher. He should not waste time on 151, imo.</p>

<p>Like your son, my son had a 5 on the BC Calc exam and a 36 on the ACT math. He also had a 790 on the SAT math and 800’s on the SAT II Math Level 1 and 2 exams. He was ‘kind of’ advised to take Math 152, but he really wanted to start with Math 251. When he asked the same adviser who recommended 152 if he thought he’d be okay with 251, the adviser kind of wink-winked and said yes. And so my son took 251 his first semester at A&M. He got an A in it. He also got an A in the follow-on course, Math 308.</p>

<p>There has been one minor problem with skipping ahead to 251, though. They use MatLab in Math 251 and Math 308, and my son has had no experience with MatLab – until he jumped into it with both feet by applying it in Math 251 (versus learning it first). It’s still possible to pull off the A, but it has been a little frustrating at times for him, not having the MatLab foundation.</p>

<p>Best of luck to your son! :)</p>

<p>Thank you for this advice! I’ll pass it on to my S. He thinks he probably made a 5 on the AP and had an excellent teacher…but he would probably want to look at Math Lab this summer!</p>

<p>one more question Simplelife: what science did your son take freshman year?</p>

<p>Hi schmegel. He took Honors PHYS 218 his first semester. He took AP credits for all of his required Chemsitry, so Physics was the only science requirement he had. He took regular PHYS 208 his second semester.</p>