Math 2: Parametrics + Conics

<p>Do parametrics and conics always show up? I only sorta glanced through the conics section since i HATE IT....gah</p>

<p>what topics appear the most? and what are the most difficult topics that appear?</p>

<p>No; from my experience, there is usually at most one conic question (I don't remember any on the May test) which is usually very easy. It may be something like finding the center or completing the square or identifying the type of conic. Easy in general.</p>

<p>On May, you were given the general form and had to find the center. (ie complete the square and factor)</p>

<p>mmm any more ideas? i don't want to have to find the foci or something and have no idea what to do.</p>

<p>and other window, was it one question or multiple on conics? and it was a circle im assuming?</p>

<p>One question. I think it was actually a hyperbola, but it only asked for the center.</p>

<p>Something like:
Find the center of this conic section:
x^2 + 4x - 3y^2 + 6y + 50 = 0</p>

<p>Knowing how to identify should help too. That's fairly easy as well.</p>

<p>right so for that it would just be complete the squares for the xs and the ys and thats your coordinates?</p>

<p>any other people with experience?</p>