Math 2 SAT Score for SEAS

<p>Will a Math 2 SAT score of 790 greatly affect my chances of getting into Columbia SEAS? I've been looking through the results, and everyone who applies to SEAS seems to always have a score of 800, but will 10 points off really hurt my chances? Thanks!</p>


<p>^ Haha sorry, I know this sounds really overachieving, but my mom's been killing me all month for getting a 790 instead of an 800 so yeah, I'm freaked out that it's a huge difference now T___T</p>

<p>lol calm down dude, your math 2 score will not be the basis of everything in your decision. As long as its a 750+ your fine. Work on other parts of your application as well, SAT's arent everything</p>

<p>^ Hahaha, thanks for taking the time to assuage my paranoia (:
(And for whoever reads this, sorry for sounding so pretentious in the first post, I didn't mean for it to come off that way.)</p>