Math 21A or 21B

<p>My son, who is incoming freshman in BME, has done Calc AB AP (scoring 5) & Calc BC AP (scoring 4), and math challenge score of 58, which math class would be appropriate in fall. His adviser at orientation asked him to take math 21A. Would it be waste of time? </p>

<p>Can he change now? When and how?</p>

<p>they tell everyone to take A first</p>

<p>if he has done both AB and BC then he is more than ready for B.
there is open registration starting september 3rd, he should be able to change his classes then.</p>

<p>There is good reason they tell everyone to take A first and complete the whole series. Grad schools/professional schools typically don't take/like skipping a course with AP scores, or so I heard.</p>