Math 221

<p>My schedule will only allow me to take Mikhail Feldman or Gregorio Moreno-Flores for Calculus and Analytic Geometry. I searched Mikhail Feldman on ratemyprofessor and the reviews were pretty poor. I couldn't find any information on Gregorio Moreno-Flores. I plan on going to medical school, so I really can't get lower then an A. Any experience or recommendations for which of these professors to take?</p>

<p>From looking at the grade distribution report on the UW Registrar's website for two classes previously taught by Mikhail Feldman (Math 320), he gives a lower percentage of As than the other professors teaching the same class during the same semester. The only information I could find by googling Gregoria Moreno-Flores is that it looks like he earned his PhD in France.</p>

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<p>The worst way to prepare for medical school is to focus on the almighty gpa. Most medical students will enter with less than a 4.0. Choose the calculus section that you think will be easiest for you to learn the material to get the best grade. You will do much better if you focus on courses to benefit you and not the resume for medical school. Relax about the premedical school intentions and focus on your education (see other UW threads regarding being premed at UW). Good idea to try to get the best profs regardless of your major or post BA/BS intentions.</p>

<p>Not to burst your bubble, but the professor is not really going to make a huge difference in your 221 experience -- it's going to be a burden either way, and there's no clandestine easy A here. You're right about med school expectations, but you are going to have to earn the A. The curve can be brutal in entry level classes. Research the professors as you'd like, but I would advise against switching unless you hear of something horrific about the professor's grading, tests, etc. and can confirm it -- at this point in the summer, you might have some problems getting a section that works for your schedule. Hold your spot until the first week of classes. At that time, people will begin to switch/drop classes pretty rapidly and you might have some more luck.</p>

<p>I am signed up to take 211 with Stephen Wainger, has anyone on this board by any chance taken this class with him? If so some input on his teaching style would be greatly appreciated, as I am not very good with math- I want to make sure I get the best prof possible for this course. </p>

<p>Along with that any input on the following classes would be great as well from former students (Psych 202- Patricia Coffey, Theatre 120- Kristin Hunt, Relig Studies 333- Ronald Troxel)</p>

<p>^Psych 202 has a standard curve. I had Henriques, but I've heard Coffey is good. I thought Psych was fairly easy, but the curve will catch you if you're not alert. It's not a tough A, but if you don't get an A it's easy to fall into the C range; the curve is congested. </p>

<p>I started freshman year in Math 234, so I don't have much experience with 211. However, Wainger is a bad professor according to rmp ratings (Stephen</a> Wainger - University of Wisconsin - Madison - A first semester freshman with a weak math background should probably find a solid lecturer or delay Math 211 for a semester. You probably aren't prepared to study from a textbook yet.</p>

<p>Most people I know who have taken 211 chose the 210-211-213 track. Although 210 is not a pre-req, are you comfortable opting out of 210? This might be a good alternative to taking 211 with a bad professor. Otherwise, consider switching 211 with a different quantitative class. Stats 301 is a great class for weak(er) math students, and will lay the foundations for future critical analysis in many liberal arts fields. Note that math students take Stats 309/310, and the slackers take 201, so I think 301 will be a good fit.</p>

<p>I have never taken a religious studies or theater course.</p>

<p>The best advice I can give you is to keep up in your courses. Intro curves at UW are fairly harsh. It's not hard to be an A student and learn a lot, but if you're not on top of your game you'll have little control over your grades. People cluster in the AB, B, and BC range. The difference between these grades--before a curve separates them--is minimal.</p>

<p>You don't have to worry about grades when you're actually learning. They just come naturally.</p>

<p>Oh, also: Psych 202 (and many psych courses) just has 4 exams. That's it. It usually surprises first semester freshmen that homework can't boost (or hurt) your grade.</p>

<p>If I leave math 211 for next semester, I would need to pick up the Econ pre-req for the biz school, I have looked at all of the available profs on my UW and checked them out on RMP and they dont seem very promising, but maybe I would still be better off taking micro then math 211...</p>

<p>Yes, I would take Econ 101 instead. I see that Kelly is still teaching and her lectures are open; I had her a couple years ago and I definitely would recommend. You'll have a very solid econ foundation if you take 101/102 with her. She usually teaches both. </p>

<p>Remember that LOTS of freshmen take Econ 101 and Psych 202. Professor ratings always take a beating in large freshmen lectures because these aren't students who are necessarily interested in the subject. Many of them just randomly picked the course. Bad (or at least disinterested) students make for bad raters.</p>

<p>If Kelly taught primarily intermediate econ, then she would have much higher ratings.</p>

<p>Make sure to take 211 next semester (if you opt for Econ), because it's a requirement to apply for b-school.</p>

<p>Okay, I have reworked my schedule a bit, but I could still use some more advice.
As of right now my "for sure" classes that I know I will not drop are...
- Econ 101 (Geoffrey Wallace)
- Pysch 202 (P Coffey)
- Theatre 120 (K Hunt)</p>

<p>What I need help with is deciding which Comm B class to take for my 4th and final class. Right now I am juggling between LIS 201 (which is Journalism 201- I believe?) with Greg Downey or Comm Arts 272- Intro to Interpersonal Comm. Do any of you have anything to say about these two classes? I think I would enjoy both but any horror stories or positive experiences with either may help me make up my mind.</p>

<p>Soc211 was an eaaasssy Comm-B, from my personal experience.</p>

<p>oh, and J201 is a huge weed-out class. do not take for comm-b unless extreme interest in journalism or possible burning desire to get into program.</p>

<p>Out of the 3 econ professors teaching 101, Wallace is the only one I've heard consistently negative reviews about.</p>