Math 2a practical or analytic?

<p>Hi, as the title mentioned, I'm wondering which track will make you learn more on ODE... I'm always an analytic person, but I've heard that there's no Laplace transformation in analytic track...(?) and the textbook it uses, which is An introduction to ODE by Robinson, seems not that analytic (I own the textbooks for both tracks lol); it seems even more practical than the other. Can anyone who has taken this course gives some suggestions?</p>

<p>Turns out ODEs aren't really so much of a theoretical thing, so there aren't a lot of hardcore proofs even in the analytic track. The practical track i've heard is harder (i took analytic) because you actually have to do more problems, although i wouldn't worry too much about not doing laplace transforms if you're going to take ACM 95, because b covers most of the stuff in Math 2a (both tracks) including laplace transforms.</p>