Math and Computer Science Double Major

<p>How difficult is this to pull off supposing your talented in both areas. Also would it even be possible to get a Double major in Math and Computer Science and then say a minor in finance, or economics, or maybe insurance. Well really is it possible to get both majors in and even have an option of getting any minor in anything, or is that just to much work. This is assuming you take no summer classes, graduate in four years, and come in freshman year with like 9-12 credit hours.</p>

<p>Thanks guys, im thinking about going into actuarial science, but i also love programing. The computer science major will help me get a good job, and also keep my options open in case i choose to go with programing later.</p>

<p>this depends on how many shared course your school will allow. computer science majors usually take</p>

<p>Calc 1,2,3+ linear algebra + discrete mathematics</p>

<p>these would all work toward a math major, but you would also need to take subjects that (im not sure if these even have any applicable concepts to C.S.) like abstract algebra, number theory, real analysis, etc...</p>

<p>my roomate is a C.S. major and is extremely talented in it, as well as in math. (started programming when he was in 5th grade, won national competitions in both java and C++), and is pursuing two minors (math and ECE). he went through fresh year w/out studying for ANY of his C.S. courses (besides discrete math) and pulling off a 4.00 2nd sem. incidentally he had one of the highest grades on every test & project given thoroughout the year. if your double majoring however, yo u will have hard time to minoring in something like econ or finance and pulling it off in four years.</p>

<p>I don't know if you are still in high school, but if you are, some schools have joint CS/Math majors that would be ideal for your situation. Harvey Mudd College has one, and I am sure other schools that I don't know of have them as well.</p>