Math Assessment at Bama Bound

<p>My son is at Bama Bound and took his Math Assessment today for placement. Does anyone know what 31% equals to in regard to which class he will need to take. His strengths are verbal, not math.</p>

<p>His placement score should be number between 0-500</p>

<p>Undergraduate</a> Math Courses</p>

<p>This will tell him which class he can take</p>

<p>So 31% translates to 310 ? If so...I am impressed...he didn't think he did well at all.</p>


<p>Lizardmom: the computer gave my D the actual number score & then they used that score to see where on the grid she fell for placement. She never said that she was given a percentage....I'll have to ask her about that.</p>

<p>Thanks RobD...My son decided he wanted to go to orientation I am trying to figure out his Math assessment from Atlanta.</p>

<p>I don't know if a 31% = 310. When I called to get the answer, they didn't know what I was talking about when I asked about a percentage. He's supposed to have a number. Call him and ask him to look again. I don't know what they give out. Maybe some kind of score sheet??</p>

<p>Thanks Mom...I will ask him.</p>

<p>Lizardmom: here's the page with the score/class placement grid: Undergraduate</a> Math Courses</p>

<p>does anyone know how you do a retake of the math assessment? s should have scored higher based on sat and what high school courses he has had.</p>

<p>Per the site at: Math</a> Placement Assessment </p>

<h1>One retest allowed if you:</h1>

<pre><code>* Wait at least one week
* Haven't been enrolled in a UA mathematics course

<p>M2CK: D came out of her math placement exam with the exact number written down (I've just texted her for details; I think she wrote it on some random piece of paper in her bama bound folder.) They upload the scores so when they register the next morning that's already in their records.</p>

<p>D said the math assessment test gave them an exact number and she just wrote it down on her schedule for the day. She does not remember seeing a percentage, just the exact number (i.e. a 381 out of 550 per D, although the grid goes up to 588) Not saying that it doesn't show a percentage, but she doesn't remember that and the score is what determines the placement.</p>

<p>but we would have to fly back out to school or he has to wait until he is there for Fall, right, you can't take it online? So, he still should sign up for the math he placed in at this point...Is that right?</p>

<p>He probably should sign up the one he's been placed into. When he comes in August, he could retest then and move up if space is available.</p>

<p>Call the testing office and ask...</p>