Math at Cal: 1 series VS 16 series

<p>I'm a freshman planning on doing both econ and business (if possible) and I'm having a hard time deciding between the 1 series and the 16 series for math. I'm not horrible at math, but I don't find it extremely easy either. </p>

<p>The course catalog says the 1 series is intended for engineering and physical science majors while the 16 series is intended for L&S majors. Does that mean I should choose the 16 series? I have taken AP AB Calc in high school and I found it to be challenging but not impossible, and I'm worried that the 1 series will be too hard (especially 1b).</p>

<p>I have CALSO in a week, so any input is much appreciated!</p>

<p>Take 16-series if you are doing economics and/or business. It focuses more on computational math rather than proof based math. Plus, since you're doing economics and/or business, the 16-series will suffice.</p>

<p>Thanks for the input. Just wondering, will taking the 16 series look like I'm not challenging myself and hurt my chances of getting into Haas?</p>

<p>Theoretically, I'd say no, but most of the people I know who got into Haas either APed out of both AB and BC calculus or took the 1 series. However, I'd say my opinions are somewhat skewed because most of my friends are mathy people.</p>

<p>Thanks a lot for the input. Now I'm regretting not taking BC Calc even though I know I wouldn't be able to make a 5.</p>

<p>I know I can get better grades with the 16 series, and even though GPA is heavily weighted for Haas admission I'm still worried that taking the 16 series will hurt me since a lot of applicants are taking the 1 series.</p>

<p>Does anyone else have something to say? Anyone heard any success stories of applicants that took the 16 series?</p>

<p>I don't think a lot of applicants for Haas take the 1 series. From what I hear, most take the 16 series because they know that will/might keep their GPA up. I've heard that the 16 series might put you at a disadvantage if you're intending to do econ as well. As for myself, I took 1A/1B and plan to apply to Haas this fall. Best of luck.</p>

<p>From what I've heard, a good GPA will almost guarantee getting into econ. Is that not the case? Aside from that, what did you think of the 1 series and what was your high school background in math? </p>

<p>Thanks and good luck to you too!</p>

<p>I'd take the 1-series. It gives a broader range to fall back on, especially if Haas doesn't work out or you want something more technial. I mean, what happens if you find out you love physics or something? Also, its quite possible that the curves in 1AB are less harsh than 16AB. If I had it to do all over again, I'd have done the 1-series instead.</p>

<p>Practice, Practice, Practice. Don't think you can just look at problems and go "yeah, I can solve that" without practicing a whole bunch of problems. Learn the in-and-outs of each problem along with the tricks they teach you. In high school, I took AB in 11th and then I took AP stats senior year.</p>

<p>Thanks for the advice. I'm pretty sure I have no interest in any engineering or physical sciences. But, I am still considering the 1 series. I have no problems with taking a challenging class, I'm just afraid of lowering my GPA too much. So is the 1 series not as impossible as everyone on CC says it is and is it worth a try?</p>

<p>definitely not impossible.</p>

<p>What do you mean the 1 series is more proof based? The 1 series is all computational. You will never be asked to prove anything except for limits and convergence/divergence.</p>

<p>Thanks nice to hear, I'm not a big fan of proofs. Cavilier, what are your thoughts on the 1 series and what was your background in math before taking the series?</p>

<p>If you're really good at math, you can try out the 1 series by taking math 1A. I heard math 1A isn't really that bad if you're good with the basic calculus concepts. Who know? Maybe you will end up switching to some science/engineering related major.</p>

<p>If you just really want to secure a good gpa, and isn't considering a technical degree at all, then just take the 16 series. Haas and econ won't care.</p>

<p>Thanks demoz, I'm really only interested in econ and business (leaning towards business) and hoping to keep my grades up.</p>

<p>Don't be too sure that all you want to do is econ/business though. When I was an incoming freshman, I also wanted to do strictly only business or econ. However, things have changed since my freshman year. I don't really want to do business anymore, and it's not because of a problem with my GPA either.</p>

<p>i would recommend taking the 16 series for your majors. it's easier, you'll get the better grade probably.</p>

<p>Thanks everyone. So basically I should take the 1 series if I'm unsure about my major and could potentially switch into a major that would require it, and the 16 series if I'm sure that the direction I'm going in won't require the 1 series.</p>

<p>Sorry to cut into this thread but if I am planning to major in Public Health or Integrative Bio, I should take the 16 series right?</p>

<p>if you have a choice, always go for the 16 series.</p>