Math at Macalester experiences?

Macalester is probably the frontrunner at the moment amongst DS19’s current acceptances. He’s a likely math major, and I’d love to hear any personal experiences with Macalester’s math department. Right now he’s more interested in pure than applied math, though that could certainly change.

Very very good teaching from the professors. Am not math major but taken classes. Some of the smartest math majors win/rank high in some math competitions.

good to hear–thanks @zninjamonkey !

Though not a personal experience, you still might be interested to know that Macalester appears in a Princeton Review sampling, “Great Schools for Mathematics Majors,” along with other highly selective colleges such as Harvey Mudd, MIT, UChicago, Caltech, Haverford, Harvard, Hamilton, Bowdoin, Reed, Rice, Carleton and Grinnell.

Last year, Macalester hired three tenure-track math faculty, all women. That was a big plus for my daughter, who was planning on math or chemistry (she was waitlisted). Both pure math and applied math are quite strong at Mac. Historically, pure math was more of a focus, but is now much more balanced. They have a young, engaging math faculty. It would be a great choice.