Math class freshman year

Hi! I am a high school freshman just entering a county technical high school, which utilizes a selective admissions process. In my middle school, I took pre algebra in eighth grade, unlike most of my new peers. When we took a placement test for our ninth grade math class, I got placed in algebra. When I looked at my classmates schedules, They all got placed into math analysis.
In my school, you take two classes freshman year, and I got placed in algebra and geometry, whereas some my new classmates (majority are in algebra) got placed in geomotry and math analysis.
My schedule is as follows: Physics Honors, Algebra Honors, Geometry Honors, English 1 Honors, AP Human Geography, Spanish 1, Phys Ed., Intro to Engineering.
After sophomore year of high school, I can take a summer course to skip Math Analysis 2, which I plan on doing.
Is it still possible for me to get into an Ivy Legue school or something of the sort if I am taking a less hard class then some of my peers?

Shot answer. Yes.

Longer answer. You do not have a “less hard schedule” than your peers. You were placed into the correct math class based on your odevious preparation. You will still get to calculus level in HS, which is fine for every single US college.

Thanks so much for your quick reply and feedback!!! :slight_smile:

That schedule is extremely rigorous.
You do not need to skip a math class. In fact, it’s not recommended at all - you need time to master the math concepts and really understand them rather than rushing through them.
Next year take alfebra2, the year after math analysis, and calculus senior year.
Make sure you take chemistry and biology then an AP in either one or physics C, foreign language through level 3 or 4, and Emglish/math/history or social science every year, get As, and you’ll be academically qualified for every college in the US. So, the difference will be made by how well you write, how interesting you are, how you spend your time out of school (including the summer-- one more class is not what they’re looking for).

Thanks so much for you advice and feedback on my schedule!!!