Math Class Help!

<p>Unfortunately for me this year I have the honor of taking Algebra 3!!! When I first heard this was my placement I immediately wanted to know what the heck it was and basically it's a review of Algebra 2 which I took last year and received an A+. Due to my school's crappy restrictions I can't double up and take pre-calculus, audit a class, or take one online through my state's virtual school. This is really stressing me out because I planned on taking AP Calc senior year and with Algebra 3, I will be taking pre-calculus instead (which is not rigorous nor competitive) Right now the only option seems like taking pre calculus over the summer (and I don't think that will be possible). I want to apply to HYP and Columbia. Do you think this will hurt me since I wont be taking Calculus senior year? Are there any alternatives or online courses that offer pre calculus for free? My school has pretty tight restrictions on where we receive our credit though.</p>

<p>It will definitely hurt you to not take calculus if you are applying to top schools, particularly if you are at NCSSM. NCSSM students do not take VHS courses and you will likely either have to accept your placement or ask to be moved up--but I doubt they'll let you bring in any other credit. You could see about taking Pre-calculus at NCSU over the summer. </p>

<p>If you placed only into lower-level courses, it might be better if you went back to your regular school.</p>

<p>It sucks because we only have multivariable calculus as apart of our own online curriculum. All of my other placements are fine but math is the only course that messed up my schedule. I think I'm stuck with this. They hardly move anyone up in classes but they are very quick to move someone down.</p>