Math Class Placement Problem

<p>In 9th grade i was placed in Algebra 1 Honors instead of Geometry Honors which is what i was supposed to be in. I'm currently in 10th grade and now i can only go up to Pre-Calc in my senior year instead of AP Calc. This math placement thing is the only thing which degrades/messes up my superbly advanced schedule.</p>

<p>Will this affect my admissions or something or is their some way to fix this?</p>


<p>You could have doubled up math this year and taken both geometry and algebra II. I assume it's too late for that. But you could still take an extra math course in summer, thru distance learning, or study on your own and take a placement test. All of these would put you back on schedule to take calc as a senior.</p>

<p>I know of at least one kid with your problem. He took geometry at the local community college during the summer after 9th grade. That caught him up so that he could take AP calc as a senior.</p>

<p>Also, what math class do you take as a junior? At my D's hs, they take a class called "Math Analysis", which looks like a lot of Algebra review with some calculus limits taught at the end. She petitioned to skip this class--the admin wasn't happy about it, but she did just fine in AP Calc.</p>

<p>Math Analysis is just Pre-Calc I believe. Here is my suggestion. Self study Pre-Calc, its just college algebra and trig. You can seriously learn trig in about 5 hours...its not hard. But studying Pre-Calc on your own for like 4 months after Alg II should have you set for calculus. I believe that Pre-Calc is a waste of time and they should just teach the subject matter in Algebra II...but nobody cares what I think. So self study pre-calc, prove to your teachers or department chair that you can handle calc and you should be fine.

<p>Texas: What is distance learning? I don't really think they do placement tests at my school, but maybe they do, they just make you have prereqs for each class.</p>

<p>Ellemenope: We're supposed to take Algebra 2 as a junior, then after that Pre-Calc.</p>

<p>My geometry class is predominantly freshman and it's so damn annoying. I'm mostly thinking about taking Algebra 2 over the summer and then i'll be ok. The problem is i don't know if they will offer it, and if they don't maybe i could do some superbly advanced dual enrollment classes at the local colleges.</p>

<p>Thanks Guys/Girls</p>

<p>distance learning means you do the assignments on your own, and submit course assignments by mail or internet. There are a number of programs. Google EPGY out of Stanford. Here's another one:
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<p>See if your school will let you borrow a textbook, learn the subject on your own, then take the final (and maybe midterm) exam the teacher gives for that class. My son took Algebra II at a summer camp and the pre-cal teacher made him (and several others) take an exam she made up to make sure they knew the material. The ones who passed skipped Algebra II at school.</p>

<p>I made a five on AP Calculus AB without geometry.</p>

<p>It's actually a very independent and underappreciated math. You don't need it per se, but it can really help you think.</p>

<p>You should try to exempt trig. Trig involves a lot of memorization. It can definitely be self-taught.</p>

<p>I did algebra II and precalc in junior year to get into AP calc this year. cant you do that?</p>

<p>I don't know if they allow two math classes in one year. My school has 7 periods, 4 of them have to be math, science, social studies, and english. The three others are electives.</p>

<p>Trig is not required at my school. After Algebra II they either place you in Trig or Pre-Calc depending on your grades.</p>

<p>I think going to summer school will fix it up. I should just really talk to my counselor (even though he'll probably say im in the right math class since i got bad grades in algebra 1). whatever.</p>

<p>Thanks for all your guys' advice</p>